Web::Simple Example Application

The App::Doh demonstration is available here

Catalyst Example Application

The App::Munchies demonstration is available here

What's it all about ?

Having installed Catalyst, the Perl MVC framework, the CatalystX::Usul modules implement some controllers and data models that should be useful to many web applications. App::Munchies is an application that demonstrates the use of these modules

Who is it aimed at ?

Web application developers writing for the corporate intranet. The Identity data model uses the OS user database, providing methods to authenticate, create, and update accounts. It is assumed that this is appropriate for the target audience although the model allows for different storage databases to be used instead

What are it's main features ?

  • Skins

Selected from the tools menu a skin contains the CSS, TT template, and Javascript files used to present the pages of this application. These files control font selection, colours, content positioning, and interactive behaviour. Replace the contents of the image files as required, the one TT template contains the HTML element container relationships for all pages

  • XML configuration editors

All of the textual content is stored XML files for which editors are provided within the application. The application name 'Munchies' can be altered from Admin > Configuration page. MyApp becomes YourApp, MyCompany becomes YourCompany, etc. This text can be altered from the Admin > Configuration > Messages page

  • Internationalization

With all the literal text stored in XML files and copies translated into multiple languages, providing localised applications is straightforward

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